The path from idea to book-on-a-shelf is both long and bumpy. As I travel that road, I’ll pause at points of interest along the way. The first stop is the four short stories published in the books mentioned above.

The next will be The Dark Side of Desire (Read more), the beginning of my Detective Rick Marino trilogy. Thanks to my agent’s sharp eye and my reluctant eraser, this novel has been trimmed to fighter weight and has been submitted to publishers. When it is released, Volumes 2 and 3 will follow in short order. So will Brotherhood, a thriller independent of the dark side trilogy but involving some of the same characters.

So…my website highlights fiction. Mine, of course, but also the works of other successful authors. Each month, I’ll enter a piece of fiction (a short story or the first chapter of a completed novel) along with space for the guest author to tell us something about himself and/or his story.

Those interested in the guest author program should send me a request from my contact page, and I’ll send Submission Guidelines.

And I offer help for authors yet to be. At various times I will enter writing and publishing tips, aimed at the beginning author.