When the Rabbit Screams, my first novel, had glitches, and it’s been taken out of circulation. They’ve been corrected, and my publisher promised that it will soon again be available. When it is, I’ll provide a link. In the meantime, click on the cover icon to read a sample of the text.

My other publications are short stories, mostly mysteries. Four are printed in Voices from the Susquehanna: Payment (My first published story), Welcome to America, The Homecoming, and Moving Day. Another, Help Me, is one of four stories in Unearthed. These covers are also clickable.

The rest of my stories are available online. One of them is the introductory entry of a new feature, STORIES. It is based on a tale told in Genesis. No one knows if that story is true but if it is, I believe my version is closer to the truth than anything you have read.

I invite you to submit a sample of your writing in the body of an email sent from my CONTACT PAGE to be considered for a STORIES entry. It can be fact or fiction and either short or the first chapters of a longer piece. You can include a descriptive sentence or two before the title or after the text. If it has been published, you should include a link to its location. There is no length limit, but submissions longer than 6,000 words are less unlikely to be selected. I don’t intend to edit your entry and if it’s accepted, I’ll send you an email with the approximate date that it will be in print.