The path from idea to book-on-a-shelf is both long and bumpy. As I travel that road, I’ll pause at points of interest along the way. The first stop is the stories published in the books illustrated above. Voices from the Susquehanna contains four of my stories: Payment, Welcome to America, The Homecoming, and Moving Day. Unearthed has just one of my stories.

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I’m currently sending queries to locate an agent interested in marketing my series of Rick Marino mysteries.

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So…my website highlights fiction. Mine, of course, but also the works of other successful authors. Each month, I’ll enter the first chapter of a completed novel along with space for the guest author to tell us something about himself and/or his story. On a rare occasion, I may enter a complete short story rather than a chapter of a novel.

If you are interested in more information about my guest author program, send me a request from my Contact Page and I’ll send submission guidelines.

And my website has another feature meant to be a help to authors. At least once a month, I post a new writing tip. Some are intended for the aspiring author. Most will be of help for authors at all levels of proficiency.