If you are a writer, you will experience writers’ block. When that happens there are a few techniques you can try to combat this scourge. My favorite? Endorphins.

Endorphin is a word coined from ENDogenous and mORPHINe. These chemicals are opioids produced in the brain. They relieve both stress and pain, and produce an overall feeling of euphoria.

Double-blind experiments have proven that increased endorphins, along with other feel-good chemicals (dopamine and serotonin) stimulate brain activity. One result is that it becomes easier to form logical, even clever, ways to explain a thought you’re working on.

Yes, if you increase your endorphins, you can likely crash through your writers’ block. Fortunately, it’s possible to stimulate endorphin synthesis. The easiest method is vigorous exercise. Jogging. Or even a long walk.

So…the next time you’re blocked—or simply ready to write for an hour or two—don’t slog it out behind your desk. Instead, grab a tape recorder or pencil and paper and give exercise a try. When the words come, and they will come, record them.

Stay healthy my friend. And keep writing.